Draco the dragon myth

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draco the dragon myth

My astronomy project. fyi: the fire is actually pixie dust, so that makes this G rated:). It is unclear precisely which mythological dragon Draco represents. There are, however, three main contenders. One version--the least likely--of the Draco story. An ancient constellation which represents nearly every dragon mentioned in history. The most famous story involving Draco tells that he was the dragon that. draco the dragon myth Web Seminars Frameworks Activities Journal Workshops E-Newsletter Research Quotations more Draco was a United States Navy Crater class cargo ship named after the constellation. It was the first planetary nebula to my lands observed with a spectroscope, by William Huggins in August The constellation of Hercules is depicted near Draco. The star is about five times more massive than the Sun and times more luminous. NGC is a barred spiral galaxy in Draco. It has a visual magnitude of


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